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Camps are run in the summer or over school vacations.
Fun Camp
Elite All Stars
Lil Ninja
Ninja ages 8-12
Xtreme Athletics offers fun, age appropriate opportunities for young children to develop motor skills in a safe, friendly environment. While learning balance, agility, coordination and strength, children from walking to 5 years old will also develop social skills. Through interaction with peers and instruction from our well trained staff, children will progress in their physical abilities while also building their confidence as they navigate through obstacle courses designed to challenge them both physically and mentally.
Parent and Tot
Super Tot
Children between the ages of 6 and 12, will develop their bodies and their minds through the challenging and exciting sport of gymnastics. Children will improve balance and learn to control the body through movements that become progressively more difficult. Aspiring gymnasts will achieve a fantastic basis for all sports. The development of strength and flexibility, as well as speed and agility are just a few of the many benefits of gymnastics training. Confidence and perseverance are wonderful traits that a foundation in gymnastics will enhance and foster.
Rec Gymnastics 6-8
Special Events