Pre School Gymnastics
Xtreme Athletics offers fun, age appropriate opportunities for young children to develop motor skills in a safe, friendly environment. While learning balance, agility, coordination and strength, children from walking to 5 years old will also develop social skills. Through interaction with peers and instruction from our well trained staff, children will progress in their physical abilities while also building their confidence as they navigate through obstacle courses designed to challenge them both physically and mentally.
Parent and Tot
Parent and Tots classes are specially designed for preschoolers age 2. It encourages the already well-observed fact that boys and girls of this age love to spend time with mom or dad while taking a class. The child will be safely and successfully introduced to the floor, the beam, the bar, and the trampoline and several basic skills on each apparatus during this course. Parents will be provided the opportunity to assist their preschoolers in completing stations and skills while also enjoying the bonus of spending quality time with their little ones!
Super Tot
Super Tots gymnastics classes are designed for girls and boys ages 3 and 4. The Super Tots will successfully learn to master all the four important elements; floor, beam, bar and the trampoline. The preschooler will enjoy the added advantage of being introduced to the vault safely and successfully over the course of his or her learning. We’d implore and incorporate creative movement, learning and yoga as a pathway towards building focus, strength, and body awareness while not forgetting the important part of it all; having FUN!